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Rules of the Facebook buy&sell group 4 vuotta 1 kuukausi sitten #820

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Kaijuli ry's Buy and sell group in Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/kaijulitori


Buying or selling animals is prohibited on Facebook. If you wish to sell or buy a bird, register to our forum and add your thread to the buying / selling sub-forum. After that you can publish a link from the forum to this group. You can find more information of the forum below.

You must answer to the question when sending a joining request to this group. Requests that do not include the answer will be deleted after 24 hours. Joining invitations will be deleted – you must request joining by yourself.

All posts are moderated and posts that are incomplete or against the rules will not be published in this group.

Welcome! “Kaijuli ry - kaupparyhmä” (www.facebook.com/groups/kaijulitori/) is a pet bird-related trading group maintained by Pet Bird Association “Lemmikkilinnut Kaijuli ry”. Our goal is to keep the group safe and trustworthy place of buying and selling birds and accessories, where admins and moderators are chosen by the board of the association.

In the group private persons can sell pet bird supplies, and other items that are related to the pet bird theme (for example, coffee cup with parrot picture on it). Selling and buying birds is allowed only through forum-link. The group is a market place only for indoor bird related things. This does not include other animals, nor birds that are mainly kept outdoors. (The group is not for selling / buying chickens, for example). This group is not for companies or private persons that sell birds/accessories for business. Commercial activities such as corporate advertising or regular resale is forbidden (with the exception of associations partners).

The group is only for selling/buying/giving, pet bird related discussion is done on Lemmikkilintu Kaijuli Ry Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/kaijuli/‬) and on our forum (forum.kaijuli.fi‬).

The group is maintained by Pet Bird Association “Lemmikkilinnut Kaijuli ry”. That means group moderating follows the rules of the association, not opinion of individual moderator. Our rules are accepted by the board of our association.

The most important precept for moderators of the group is the well-being of the pet birds. This means our moderators will intervene if they notice anything that causes a lack in pet birds well-being (for example, too small cage). Primary function of intervenes like this is to help and give advice, not to judge.

The administrators and moderators of the group will do their best to ensure that no problems occur. However, the association cannot take responsibility for products or animals sold by other individuals.

Blocking moderators is forbidden.

# Creating a post # ‬‬

Trading pet-bird supplies and accessories (cages, toys, bird-related products etc.) can be posted straight to this group. Selling, giving away, or buying or birds must be done through our forum: forum.kaijuli.fi.
We do not use any special booking arrangements. If you are interested in the product that’s for sale, contact the seller as they wish.
Once you have sold your product, please be kind and delete your post.

# Contents of the post #

It's forbidden to link other pages / Facebook groups here, with the exception of associations own forum: forum.kaijuli.fi.

Posts / notifications must always be submitted by the current owner of the product / bird. On behalf of the other, the post may be submitted only in cases where the person concerned does not have, for example, access to the Internet.

Accepted languages are Finnish, Swedish and English. Posts and comments in other languages will be deleted without warning.

# Selling bird cages #

Measurements of the cage (width, height and length) must be told when you are selling a cage. You can sell cages of any size but selling too small cages for actual habitation of pet birds is forbidden. Small cages can still be sold for temporary use, for example for bird recovering from sickness or as a travel cage. This must be told in the post. This rule must not be evaded by stating that "we have used this cage for a cockatiel". The administrator reserves the right to comment on such sales announcements and point out that the cage is not large enough compared to commonly used size recommendations.

Please note that don’t advertise your cage as “big” if it really isn't big. Cage is considered big when its base surface is several square meters.

Round cages ARE NOT SUITABLE for any bird. Selling round cages is forbidden.

# Selling and buying pet birds + forum usage #

Selling animals on Facebook is prohibited under Facebook’s Terms of Use and Community Standards.
For this reason, bird purchase and sale announcements should be added to the association’s own official platform, the forums “Buy and Sell” -sub-forum. You can then link a forum thread to this group. No additional text other than the species name of the bird to be bought / sold can be added with the link. Posts that are incomplete or against the rules will not be published in this group.

Comments on posts related to the purchase and sale of birds will be closed. The discussion related to trading should take place in a forum or through private messages.

Forum address: forum.kaijuli.fi

There are two ways to access the forum:

1. Register to the forum by creating your own username: www.kaijuli.fi/component/users/?view=registration&Itemid=101 and confirm your e-mail address by clicking on the link in your e-mail OR
2. log in to the forum by using your Facebook-account: www.kaijuli.fi/forum/facebook-change. You can later create a password for your profile, even if you are logged in via Facebook.

Once you have logged in, go to the forum's buying and selling sub-forum: www.kaijuli.fi/forum/osto-ja-myyntipalsta

Select the appropriate category (“Myydään” = For Sale, when you wish to sell / “Ostetaan” = Buying, when you wish to buy).

Click on “Uusi aihe” (= New thread) at the top left corner and enter the content of your purchase or sale announcement in the field provided. Observe the rules below for CITES species. You can also add the image(s) as an attachment. Add a relevant, short but well-descriptive title to your thread.

When your thread is complete, click “Lähetä” (= Submit). Follow comments on your topic. If you don't visit the forum often, you can leave your contact information in your post (email, phone number, Facebook messenger link, etc.)

# CITES I / EU-annex A -species selling- and buying ads #

CITES I / EU-annex A:n species ads (both selling and buying) MUST have the authorization number. Posts or threads without authorization number will be deleted without warning.

CITES I species must have a closed band/ring or a microchip.

Please note these rules are by the law. Same rules should be followed also in other selling platforms.

List of CITES I -annex species:

# CITES II / EU-annex B -species selling- and buying ads #

CITES II / EU-annex B species must have a certification of origin (breeder’s birth certificate, that has the information needed works as certification of origin) and a bill of sale.

Budgies (Melopsittacus undulatus), cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus), ring-necked parakeet (Psittacula krameri) and rosy-faced lovebird (Agapornis roseicollis) are not CITES species.

ALL OTHER parrots are CITES I or CITES II species and rules (laws) mentioned above concerns them.

CITES II species must have a closed band/ring or microchip and markings of the band/chip must be told on the certification of origin.

Please note, these rules are by the law. Same rules should be followed also in other selling platforms.

# Sertificated breeders #

Pet Bird Association “Lemmikkilinnut Kaijuli ry” certificates trusty breeders through breeder certification project. Certificated breeders can mention this merit in their posts.

More information about certification project: www.kaijuli.fi/kasvattajalle

# Partners #

Pet Bird Association ”Lemmikkilinnut Kaijuli ry” has partnership program. Company approved by the association may publish commercials on the association’s channels (forum and this group). Without a partnership, commercial publications are prohibited in the group. (Partnership program is on a break for now).

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