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English rules for Kaijuli ry’s Facebook group 3 vuotta 8 kuukautta sitten #926

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English rules for Kaijuli ry’s Facebook group

Lemmikkilinnut Kaijuli ry is Finnish pet bird accociation. Our main goal is to promote the well-being of pet birds in Finland and to organize services for Finnish bird enthusiasts.

The Facebook group is intended primarily for members of the association. We warmly welcome non-members also, but we would very much like the group to be seen as a member benefit. We welcome you to join our association: kaijuli.fi/yhdistys/liity-jaseneksi However, membership is not a condition, you can also be in the group without being a member of the association.

The group revolves strongly around the association's principles, the focus is on promoting the welfare of pet birds in Finland based on the best available up-to-date information. Opinions may be discussed in the group, but be prepared for the fact that administrators and other members of the group are likely to react to issues that endanger the welfare of the bird. Moderator team is chosen by the board of the association.

- Only self-submitted requests to join the group will be accepted. Unfortunately people invited by others will not be accepted. If you want your friend to join the group, please ask them to send a request to join themselves.


- Stay on topic: just write about things related to birds.
- Do not bad mouth, attack, accuse, discriminate, etc. other users, moderators or administration.
- Try to behave well as the discussions progress.
- No discussion on political, racist or religious issues.
- In the discussion, no violation of Finnish law will be tolerated.
- Each case is considered on a case-by-case basis. In some situations, the moderation team members will consult with each other and act as it sees fit.
- When the administrator writes in the name of the administrator, they sign their message -YP/-Moderation. Before the -YP signature, the moderator team member is like any member and should be treated equally and should treat others equally.
- Admin / moderators must not be blocked, as blocking them will make their job impossible. If you block a member of the moderation team, you will receive a warning. After that, you have 24 hours to remove the block. If the block isn't removed after 24 hours, moderators have the right to remove you from the group.
- The discussion will take place in Finnish, Swedish or English. Messages written in other languages ​​can be deleted by the administrator without special mention.
- Purchase and sale announcements are not allowed in the group. Admin may delete trading notifications placed in this group without notice. The Kaijuli ry association has set up a separate group for announcements: www.facebook.com/groups/kaijulitori/
- Commercial announcements or comments from commercial operators are not allowed in the group. The association has an affiliate program where, for a fee, a company approved by the association can publish commercials in the association’s trade group. Read more: kaijuli.fi/yhdistys/toiminta/yhteistyoliikke
- Group administrators and moderators may, as appropriate, not approve publications with non-exemplary bird keeping in the group. In doing so, we seek to prevent those following the group from following the example of practices that are unfavorable to the bird. In such cases, the moderation team may, if necessary, contact the sender of the publication and give advice.
- Publications whose content is not visible to the admin (“content not available”) will not be accepted into the group. Make the necessary changes so that the content is visible to everyone.
- All publications go through maintenance approval. Posts that are not following the group rules will not be published.


- RECEIVING ADVICE: Don't be upset if someone advises you. We want to help each other to keep better care of your pet, as we all have a little something to learn. It is to your and your bird’s advantage that anything harmful to the bird is told to you. It’s not an insult to you, it’s a way to make your bird have a better life with you.

- GIVING ADVICE: When you guide someone, review your comment from the receiver's eyes. Read through your message and imagine someone else has written it for you. If your comment seems a little hars, edit it to a form where it doesn’t have a negative tone. Your message will be much better received if you present it constructively and thoughtfully. Stupid questions are hard to ask, but stupid answers are easy to give.

- Personal disputes do not belong to the group. If someone starts a post that you feel is challenging yourself, report the post/comment or contact a moderator. We ask the initiator to edit or delete their post. Do not reply to the author. Otherwise, the moderator team will delete both messages and both participants will receive a warning.
- The Kaijuli ry association, on the other hand, can be criticized. We are for our members and if there is room for improvement in our operations, then we will improve. If you criticize the association, we hope you expect us to respond and reflect the matter with you. We may also discuss the matter by email or otherwise in private. We hope you remember the constructiveness and that the accociation board members, admins and moderators are people with feelings.
- If you feel that the admins or moderators have worked incorrectly, write a detailed explanation, preferably in screenshots, to Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen., and we will handle the matter.

- DELETING MESSAGES: The group administrator and moderators have the right to delete messages or end a conversation if necessary.
- COOL-OFF: Too heated a conversation can be put in “cool-off” mode. This is done by the maintenance writing the message “cool-off/jäähy” at the end and followed by the time when the post reopens for discussion. Cool-off is used in a fruitful but over heated discussion. If necessary, a temporary closing of the comment field is used.
- VIOLATION OF THE RULES: Violation of the rules / etiquette will result in a warning. Repeated violations will result in removal from the group. Removal from the group does not result in removal from the Kaijuli ry association.

- Try to write clearly.
- Do not write everything in CAPITAL letters.
- Make paragraphs: continuous text is difficult to read.
- Think about how you express your opinion. Use reasoning and behave well.
- Sarcasm can be a dangerous thing online and can easily be interpreted as a challenge to fight. Be careful when using it. When you become misinterpreted, clear up to another of your jokes.


The rules related to the advertising of the affiliate program may affect what is allowed to be published in the group, read more: www.kaijuli.fi/yhdistys/toiminta/yhteistyoliikkeet

These rules came into force on December 30, 2016 and apply to all posts and comments posted thereafter. The Kaijuli ry association reserves the right to change the rules if necessary. Larger changes will be announced separately. (Updated 8/21/2020)
Please follow these rules, and together we will create a more comfortable environment to talk about what is important and essential to all of us: birds.
A warm welcome to join! :)

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